Willie and Korie Robertson’s Daughter Bella Gets Engaged at 18-Years-Old

by Caroline Bynum

Duck Dynasty royalty, the Robertsons, have a lot of love to be thankful for this Thanksgiving season. Sadie recently celebrated her one year anniversary with husband Christian Huff, and now, Willie and Korie’s youngest daughter, Bella, is engaged to wed her high school sweetheart.

Bella Robertson announced her engagement to Jacob Mayo via Instagram on Friday night. She keeps the Thanksgiving gratitude theme in her post saying, “I was thankful for you yesterday, I am thankful for you today, and now I get to be thankful for you for the rest of my life!”

The two have been dating for a little over six months. Bella Robertson shared a celebration of the couple’s half-year anniversary earlier in November. She mentions celebrating many more months together in the caption.

Young Love and Long Marriages in Robertson Fam

Bella turned 18 on September 26, 2020. She will be following her mother’s footsteps if she gets married within the year, as Korie Robertson was also 18 when she was married. Willie Robertson was 19 at the time of their marriage.

In interviews throughout their marriage, Willie continues to speak highly of the decision to wed young. “I would recommend getting married young,” he told AskMen in an interview. “All our memories are together. Everything we have, we built together.” The now-famous couple met in just third and fourth grade at summer camp. They now have a large family and a literal dynasty (duck, that is) that they share.

The Robertson children seem to have learned a lot from their parents’ strong and long-lasting marriage. Sadie Robertson-Huff got married at 22 to her husband Christian, and John Luke married his now-bride Mary Kate at 19-years-old.

All in all, a huge congratulations to the newly engaged. By looking at this throwback on Jacob’s Instagram page, we feel quite confident he will fit into the Duck Dynasty clan quite perfectly…